Western Lowland Gorilla

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Animal Attacks Are Scary. How to Talk to Kids About Them.
Following recent incidents with a zoo gorilla and wild alligator, experts weigh in on how kids should approach and think about animals.
About Western Lowland Gorilla

Western lowland gorillas are endangered, but they remain far more common than their relatives, the mountain gorillas. They live in heavy rain forests, and it is difficult for scientists to accurately estimate how many survive in Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Angola, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Western lowland gorillas tend to be a bit smaller than their mountain cousins. They also have shorter hair and longer arms.

Fast Facts 

Common Name: Western Lowland Gorilla

Scientific Name: Gorilla gorilla gorilla

Type: Mammals

Diet: Omnivores

Group Name: Troop

Average life span in the wild: 35 years

Size: Standing height, 4 to 6 ft

Weight: 150 to 400 lbs


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