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The Golden Wolf: A New Species Hiding In Plain Sight
New study finds the African golden jackal isn’t a jackal at all
About Wolves

Wolves, scientific name Canis lupus, are the largest members of the dog family growing up to 1.6 metres wide and weighing in at as much as 79 kilograms.

They are well known for their howling, which is used to communicate, attract attention and defend their territory.

The wolf diet is predominately deer, moose and elk along with some other small mammals, fish, lizards, snakes, birds and fruit. They can eat as much as 9 kilograms of meat in one meal.

Wolves live in packs of up to ten animals. In most of these packs, only the dominant male and his mate will breed. When a pack makes a kill, the dominant couple eat first.

Grey wolves were hunted to near extinction in the United States and are still endangered, but some populations are now beginning to thrive.

Red wolves actually became extinct in the wild in 1980 but a breeding and relocation program has brought their numbers back up to 100 animals.

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